KAPA WHS Membership

KAPA WHS’s members are dedicated individuals who are passionate about their community. By becoming a member, you will gain exclusive access to all KAPA WHS events and programs, interact with promising young students in our leadership programs, participate in dialogues with diverse local communities, and be actively engaged in cultivating and strengthening our community.  All KAPA WHS members will receive priority notifications and registration opportunities for KAPA WHS events.

*How much is a KAPA WHS membership?

Membership dues are as follows:
Students: $35 per year
Parents: $70 per year

If interested in becoming a member, please fill out the Membership Application below.

Membership Application Form

*How do I pay for the membership?

You can pay your membership dues by mailing a check payable to “KAPA WHS” to 

P.0.BOX #306
Walnut, CA 91788


via VENMO below. If using VENMO, please include your name, student name and grade.



**Please Note: All fees paid to KAPA WHS are non-refundable.