KAPA – Korean American Parents Association

KAPA WHS is proud to be an official Certifying Organization. It is a group of parents organized in support of the students, parents, and staff of Walnut High School. We hold informative seminars each year to help parents and students. We also offer many volunteer opportunities in helping the community. We would love you to join us in our mission to help our students build their character and have greater appreciation for their surrounding community!

KAPA WHS is a registered 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization and your donation is tax deductible.
Please join us by sending email to info@kapawhs.org
Thank you for your support!


KAPA WHS has a Youth Volunteer Committee that coordinates volunteer opportunities for KAPA WHS members. The committee serves the needs of the community in Walnut on behalf of KAPA WHS.
KAPA WHS is a certifying organization authorized to issue the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards for volunteer service with KAPA WHS.

How to join KAPA WHS:

  1.  Anyone interested is invited to attend our monthly KAPA WHS meetings and learn the latest news in our school, our school district and our community.
  2.  Sign up for annual KAPA WHS Membership. Also, standing for an election to be a board member is encouraged to partake in the decision-making process (refer to Association Bylaw for details).